Services - Techniques and Finishing
Digital photograpy today provides a high degree of flexibility to cope with diverse situations that arise in the field. Take the full advantage of the settings of your camera to capture the best picture at the moment of the shot. For this purpose technics are discussed in both theory and practice. Courses from 1 up to 4 participants are offerd to respond on the individual interests.

The picture captured as a file on the flash card is not the end of the story. There is a huge freedom in image editing and multiple archiving systems are provided. Powerful one-tool-solutions are available that support the process up to the persentation in the www. The principals are introduced, discussed and training is available to open another door in flexibility and organiation.

For both Workshops the duration, the topics and cost will be individually aligned on a case by case basis. The minimum effort is 100 Euros per person per half day. Travel expensences are quoted on time and material basis. Please feel free to ask for more information.